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Utek國際規劃團隊,創立於1993年, 為一從事建築及室內整體環境、規劃設計、專案管理及施工統包之專業團隊;提供之服務範圍涵括商業建築、國際飯店、辦公大樓、集合住宅、教育設施及休憩設施 等不同類型建築物之規劃設計與專案管理及施工統包。專業人員包括都市、建築、室內設計、施工管理等不同領域成員及特約之大地、結構、機電、景觀等相關顧問 群。而專業服務內容自土地規劃、建築計畫、設計發展、施工圖繪製及施工督導,每一階段均透過充分之溝通與協調,以期使所有作業盡善盡美,確保業主最大之權 益。本團隊設計理念乃是於每一個案發展過程中,透過業主的共同參與,以提供滿足開發者及使用者需求,兼具設計品質及空間美學的作品為依歸。同時運用電腦輔 助作業系統,以提供業主最佳之規劃構想與設計方案及最終施工品質保証。本團隊的目標則是透過都市與環境的分析,確切掌握基地特性,發揮高度的想像力及專業 知識,創造出整體最高的價值且合乎時代美學的人造環境。



Utek International is an architectural planning and interior design project management company. Our firm has a wide range of experience in building such as commercial buildings, hotels, research facilities, office buildings, multi-unit housing, educational institutions, leisure facilities. Coming from different backgrounds, our multi-disciplinary staff provide an integrated service based on each member of staff's experiences and expertise. In addition, the office is fully equipped with an advanced computer aiding system. The professional services that are provided from us include master planning, feasibility studies, programming, construction documents and construction administration.

As an international company, Utek international has had comprehensive experiences working with various overseas leading design firms on projects within Taiwan and China. Our current clients comprise of major corporations, private developers, universities and government agencies. As a well-established design firm, we are also committed in achieving distinctive and efficient designs. Our philosophy of client-designer partnership in the development of projects has effectively allowed us to fuse aesthetics with functional needs. Our objective and vision is to create buildings that are not only part of the environment but also works of art that transcend their practical values. Our dedication and commitment have been repeatedly rewarded, with frequent recommendations and kudos from past clients.